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The photos below are of our dogs and previous puppies. We take pride in breeding healthy, happy dogs and we strive to give them the best home and life possible. 

Coco- Dock Diving

Previous puppy #1 Dock Diving Lagotto Romagnolo (2021) Parents: Stella (Dam) & Nikolai (Sire)

Sunset sittin'
Surfs up
Pretty pouty by the pretty fountain
Beautiful brown puppy
Let's sail
Georgia Grace

Previous puppy Parents: Stella (Dam) & Nikolai (Sire)

Enjoying the fresh air
Love at first sight

Sofia loves the puppies!

Playing fetch
Just swingin'
Resting after a day of fun
Play time
Duck hunting
Puppy resting
Playing in the snow
Fire place sitting
Cooling off in the pool
Fresh blowout
Beautiful Lagotto
Nikolai and Batler
Going for a walk
Pippa and Penny playing
Fall leave playing
White and brown puppy
Fun in the sand
Looking good in my bowtie
Puppy dog eyes
Roan Puppy
Time to swim
Up close and personal
Beautiful white and brown Lagotto
Nikolai lounging at home

Nikolai loves to spend quality time with the family.

You can't see me!
Just hanging out
Nikolai Sunbathing

Nikolai debating on if he should swim or soak in some more sun.

White and tan lagotto puppy
Resting on the dock
Nap time
Will you accept this rose?
Nikolai and Pippa's Puppy

Look how sweet this baby is.

Waiting for my litter mates
Digging in the sand
Walking by the fountain
'Snow' much fun
Bright eyed beauty

This sweet girl is very curious about what is going on around her.

Sitting pretty
Brown lagotto puppy all grown up
Happy Birthday!
Resting after playtime
Relaxing in the car
Wanna play?
Pippa loves the waterfall

Pippa loves visiting the waterfall at the park in town.

Lagotto swimming
Running the trails
Nikolai Playing

Nikolai playing in the field.

Look, I made a friend!
Are you going to drop something?
Sitting pretty
Fresh haircut
Best friends!

Previous puppy of Shoals Lagotto Bruno lives in PA with his sister Gaja (also a Shoals Lagotto puppy)

Roan lagotto puppy
Ready for pups!
Our boy Batler

Sire at Shoals Lagotto Batler came to us in January 2020 from the Czech Republic.

Stella sitting pretty
Sleeping puppy

Puppy loves cuddling.

Nikolai loves games

One of Nikolai's favorite games is hide-and-seek.

Want to play?
Patiently waiting
Pippa and Penny

Pippa and Penny are always happy we are home!

Brown Lagotto Romagnolo
Lying in the clover
Puppy Love

Sofa love the new puppies

Previous Puppies

Bruno & Gaja Parents: Bruno-Pippa (Dam) & Nikolai (Sire). Baja-Stella (Dam) & Nikolai (Sire).

Sweet puppy

Sweet puppy has not even opened her eyes yet.

Christmas Lagotto
Pippa's Pups
Nikolai Swimming

Nikolai showing off his skills in the water!

Nikolai's Dad Euro Trip 2018

I met Nikolai's dad just back from Truffle Hunting. We had an awesome trip to Eastern Europe (Serbia).

Nikolai playing in the backyard

Nikolai loves to run around the yard and play with the family.

White lagotto puppy
Pippa on the porch

Pippa is feeling pretty after a day at the spa.

Swimming to cool off
Coco Dock Diving
Puppy in a bandana
Dock Diving lagotto
Stella playing in the pasture

Stella loves to run and play in the field!

Beautiful Lagotto Beautiful flowers
Wanna play?
Sunset pup
White and brown lagotto
Nikolai Swimming

Nikolai loves to go to the pond and swim.

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