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We are located in sweet home Alabama, on the banks of the Tennessee River, where family life is not complete without the love of a dog. Taz Tillery, the owner of Shoals Lagotto, has always agreed with the saying, "Dogs are a man’s best friend." When he and his wife, Anna, were dating he always told her they needed to find the perfect dog for their family.  Taz searched and searched, and finally found the dog he thought would be best for them, the Lagotto Romagnolo.  Taz then set out to Europe to bring home a dog for his family. He came back with four. After the 13 hour ride home, the whole family was waiting to meet the new additions. From then on, the four dogs have made themselves at home here in Sweet Home Alabama.


In January 2020, we decided we had more love to give so we added Batler to our family. He fits us so well and was exactly what we were looking to add. After we got Batler settled in, the opportunity to get two more beautiful girls was given to us. After many months of waiting and anticipation, October 2020 we brought Dara and Lili into our family. We are so proud of each and every one of our dogs. They are all so special to us.

In 2023, we were given the opportunity to purchase  the kennel that some of our other dogs came from in Europe.  While this was a big undertaking, we decided this is what was best for the dogs and our family. We wanted the dogs to stay together and to know they would be cared for in the best way.  They are now living their best life here. They love to play with the other dogs and love exploring the property. Some have decided they like to play inside more and others have decided they like to play outside more. Let's face it, the dogs make the rules around here. 


Lagotto Romagnolo puppies playing
Roan Lagotto Romagnolo Dam
Nikolai, Lagotto Romagnolo Sire
Brown and White Lagotto Romagnolo
Pippa's ready to have Pup's
Lili - Shoals Lagotto Dam

Penny, Pippa, Stella, Nikolai, Batler, Dara, and Lili are loving their new lives here in America. They are very laid back and easy going, yet adventurous and smart. They love walks in the park, swimming, and playing fetch; but the thing they love the most is when they get belly rubs and treats. Our dogs are our family. They depend on us to make sure they are well taken care of, healthy, and loved. We love getting to share our lives with them each and every day. 

Penny (Tea Ideal Dale) - She is white in color and she was born in March 2018. She is one of our smaller dogs, but she has a big personality. She loves to run and play and dig in the flower beds and sand box. She also likes to be held like a baby. Any time we leave and come back home, Penny meets us at the door with her tail wagging. 

Pippa (Tina Ideal Dale) - She is white in color and was born in March 2018. She is the one who loves being  loved on the most. She is very gentle and loving towards everyone. She is the most high maintenance girl we have and she lets us know when she does not like something that we did and of course we fix it for her. She thinks she is a princess. She is always happy and wagging her tail. Her favorite thing to do is go to the waterfall at the park nearby. 

Stella (Tasha Ideal Dale) - She is white and brown in color and was born in March 2018. She is the most active girl we have. She enjoys going to the lake and swimming every day. She loves to play fetch and wants to be the center of attention. She is very loving and intelligent. Stella hates getting a bath, but only because she has to stop running and playing long enough to get one. She is always ready to go for a ride in the car but she likes to ride with the windows down the most. 

Nikolai (Mot)- He is brown in color with gray feet and gray on his chest. He was born in June 2018. He is our prince. He is very well mannered, gentle, and loving. He loves to swim in the pond and run and play chase. He also loves to play hide-and-seek. He is protective of our princesses and makes sure that nothing happens to them. He is happy doing whatever his people are doing and is a great travel buddy. 

Batler (Ideal Dale Batler)- He is white and brown in color and was born in July 2019. He is the one who loves to run and play the most. He loves playing fetch and he loves making you proud. He waits on his "good boy" when he does his cool tricks. He is always ready to go on any adventure that comes up. He, like Penny, will be right there waiting at the door when we get home. 

Dara- She is brown in color and she was born in May 2016. She keeps us all safe. If anyone shows up on our property, she is the first to let us know. She is very loyal and loves very deeply. Her people are her favorite. Her favorite thing to do is dig in the sand box and take a bath in the water hole. She likes to tell all of the other dogs what to do. 

Lili- She is brown and white in color and was born in February 2017. She thinks she is a person. She wants to be with her people all of the time. In fact, she made our living room her home within hours of being here. She found her "place" and that is where she has been since! She prances around like she owns this place. She is very gentle and kind. She also loves very deeply. She spends a lot of her time in our son's room watching TV or playing with him. Her favorite thing to watch is any show with a dog. 

Ruby- She is brown and was born May 2020. She is one of the puppies that we bred, and she is absolutely beautiful. When she is given the choice of being inside or outside, she will choose outside every time. She loves to lay on her special couch, run, and play. Her favorite thing to do is try to jump and grab the tree branch with her mouth. Batler is her best friend. 

Honey- Honey is white with tan markings. She is a puppy that we kept from our April 2021 litter. She loves to dig in the sandbox, run the trails in the woods, and play with our son. Fun fact: Honey is our son's dog. When she was born, the two of them bonded and he told everyone that she was his puppy so we couldn't let her go. He even picked her name- he said she was "sweet like honey." 

Mila- She is brown with beautiful white markings. She is a puppy that we kept from our February 2022 litter. Mila is the newest member of the family. She loves to swim, dig in the sand box, and jump and try to grab the tree limbs (just like Ruby). She also loves to play fetch and loves playing with the other dogs. 

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