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Lagotto Romagnolo with family

The Lagotto Romagnolo makes the best companion for the right family. They are medium sized, non-shedding (hypoallergenic) dogs who usually stand at 16-19 inches tall and are usually between 25-35 pounds. 

Lagotto Puppy on the beach
Roan Lagotto hiking mountains

The name  Lagotto Romagnolo comes from the Italian word "Lago" which simply means "lake." They origninated in Romagna, Italy.  These dogs were traditionally used as water retrievers; however, Lagotti are also known for their keen sense of smell. This has landed them the infamous title of "The Truffle Dog" for their ability to sniff out these rare delicacies! 

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an outgoing, loving, adventurous dog. They are always down for a walk in the park, swimming in the lake, hiking in the mountains, or even hunting for truffles. 

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